Linux Royal – Install Guide

This guide will explain how to install Linux Royal.

Linux Royal is an Ubuntu based operating system, the developers chose to create it because they did not like the direction Canonical went with Unity on Ubuntu but they liked the Ubuntu base system. They started out with using Gnome as the Desktop Environment for Linux Royal and then added Cinnamon. There are now also newly released XFCE and KDE builds with a MATE version coming soon. Linux Royal has it’s own custom icon sets, themes, plymouth screens, and wallpapers. Linux Royal uses much less Ram and CPU than it’s Ubuntu counterparts. There is new content and customisations being added all of the time. They pride themselves in their personal and prompt support on the Facebook page and forum, for both beginners and skilled users alike.

There are 5 different downloads to choose from for both 32/64-bit architectures. The choices are Royal LTS Full, Royal LTS Lite, Royal XFCE LTS, Royal 12.10 Development Releases and the newly released Royal KDE LTS. You can download all of them from Linux Royal’s sourceforge page. This guide will use the Royal LTS Lite .iso downloaded from their sourceforge page. You can burn the image to a disk or flash it to a USB if your system can boot from USB.

Once booted you will be greeted with a simple selection, choose the live boot option and hit enter. You will be greeted by a login screen, the username for the live session is royal with no password, make sure you choose the desktop environment and login. The next screen you will see will be the Linux Royal desktop with the Cinnamon DE  and a nice conky running to the side. Double click the install icon that is located on the desktop to start the installation process.

The first screen is the language selection, pick your language and click the “Continue” button.

01 language

On the next screen check the 2 boxes for downloading updates while installing and the 3rd party codecs and click “Continue”.

02 3rd party and updates

Next on to partitioning, if you are unsure on how to partition then choose whichever one of the first 2 options suits your needs, if you know how you want your hard drive partitioned then choose the “Something else” option and click “Continue”.

03 partition choice

When you are satisfied with how your hard drive is partitioned and have chosen the root mount point you should have something similar to this.

04 partition

Click the “Install Now” button and choose the relevant timezone on the next screen and click “Continue”. After that you will be choosing your keyboard layout and creating your user account as well as the profile picture of the account.

After clicking “Continue” the install process will begin, sit back and grab a drink while the next few screens fly past you.

When the install is finished you will be asked to reboot your system, click yes making sure to boot back into your hard drive as opposed to the CD/DVD/USB stick you used to install Linux Royal.

12 install finished restart

Once rebooted the install process is finished, login using the details you created for your user and start exploring, if you want to learn more about conky check out the how-to videos over at and most importantly have fun and enjoy yourself !


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