The Crowdfunder’s Dilemma


My crowdfunding campaign is fully funded now and I’m preparing metrics and other measurements to help us both understand some best practices for crowdfunding. But, until then, I wanted to comment a bit on the problems facing crowdfunders when it comes to marketing and sales. I’m a writer and it’s almost as if I’m naturally averse to self-promotion. That is exactly the wrong way to be. It’s fortunate that our own Jim Altucher just posted a great checklist for folks who are trying to sell so I won’t have to go into much of the how-to. Instead I’ll address the conflicting problems facing shy crowdfunders who may find themselves at the precipice of self-promotion.

First off, remember that you are mostly selling to friends and family, at least in the beginning. They will support you no matter what happens. The vast majority of my pledges are from people I’ve met…

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