How to install and enable Raspbmc add-ons

This guide will explain how to add and enable add-ons in Raspbmc, i will explain how to install add-ons from a repository as well as from a .zip file. First i will explain how to find and access the add-on manager. Navigate across to SYSTEM then down to SETTINGS then down to ADD-ONS. You should see a screen with 5 options on it, i will explain these briefly now :

Enabled add-ons are add-ons that are currently enabled. XBMC comes with certain add-ons already installed and enabled (such as movie scrapers, screen-savers and visualisation)
Disabled add-ons is not visible if you don’t have any disabled add-ons. It shows add-ons you’ve manually disabled or that’s been disabled by XBMC because they’re “marked as broken” in the repository.
Get add-ons allows you to install new add-ons from the installed repositories. Add-ons and PVR Add-ons are the two official pre-installed add-on repositories.
Install from ZIP file allows the installation of an add-on or repository from a ZIP file, either from the hard drive or LAN.
Search allows you to search add-ons in the installed repositories and your installed add-ons.

Now we will cover how to install add-ons from a repository, for an example we will install a skin but it  is the same process for all add-ons. Select GET ADD-ONS, you should now see a list of installed repositories, select the repository you want to install from and then navigate to the desired category, in our case SKIN. Now select the skin you want to install, for us it is ACE, next select INSTALL from the menu that appears and it will start downloading. For skins and certain add-ons you will be asked if you want to use them straight away, if not they will appear in their relevant section.

NOTE : If the repository list is empty you can try fixing it with Force refresh. Bring up the context menu when the repository is highlighted and select Force refresh. This will re-download the list from the server and hopefully the add-ons will show. This should work for the default repositories or any 3rd party repository installed. Updating will take some time so be patient.

To try to fix an empty repository:

Highlight the repository -> Bring up the context menu -> Select Force refresh 

If the repository still remains empty after some time you can try to hard reset the database by removing addons**.db from the userdata folder. 


Now I will explain how to install either add-ons or repositories from a zip file, in our example we will install a repository. First off download your desired .zip file and place it on a USB stick, plug it into your Pi and go to SYSTEM > > SETTINGS > > ADD-ONS > > INSTALL FROM ZIP FILE. Navigate to your USB stick and then the desired .zip file and select it, when it is installed you will be notified in the bottom right corner of the screen. Make your way back to this screen SYSTEM > > SETTINGS > > ADD-ONS and select GET ADD-ONS. The new repository is listed. In the case of add-ons they are added under All Add-ons in the appropriate category.

If you need any more info on updating add-ons, etc then head over to the wiki page here.


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