Install OpenELEC on the Raspberry Pi

This guide will explain how to install OpenELEC using the NOOBS Lite (New Out Of Box Software) zip file provided by the Raspberry Pi Foundation on their download’s page. This guide will only explain how to install OpenELEC as the ONLY OS on the SD card !!

You will need an SD card formatted to FAT32 and either the file or the NOOBS file from the Raspberry Pi downloads page. The process is amazingly simple, once downloaded all you have to do is extract the .zip file onto the SD card using the program of your choice (Linux = 7zip/PeaZip/Ark/etc Windows = WinZip/7-Zip/PeaZip/etc).

Once this is done plug the SD card into the Pi and turn it on, it will start re-sizing partitions and creating new ones, when it is finished you will be left with 3 partitions on your SD card, the normal 2 and an additional recovery partition. You will be greeted by a selection of operating systems to choose from, select OpenELEC and click the “Install” button. You will see a warning appear about over-writing all existing data, click “Yes”, it will start installing OpenELEC on your system for you, sit back and grab a drink, when it’s done you will see a pop-up notifying you that the OS has been successfully installed, click “OK”.

Your Pi will reboot and you will be greeted by the XBMC home screen, on first boot you should run through some initial configuration as well such as language and networking settings. You have now installed OpenELEC, you can find/install and enable add-ons the same way as for Raspbmc, check out my guide for details :


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