SUSE studio – How to make your own OS

SUSE Studio is an online Linux image creation tool from OpenSUSE. With it users are able to create their own Linux operating system,virtual appliance or software appliance. You can choose from a vast collection of programs to include in your own custom SUSE based OS as well as define how it will look.

Users can choose between openSUSE or SUSE Linux Enterprise as a base and pick from a variety of pre-configured images including jeOS, minimal server, GNOME and KDE desktops. Head over to to check it out and create an account if you want to give it a go.


Once you have created your account click on the “Studio” tab in the top left, then click on “Create New Appliance” to start making your own SUSE based OS. On this screen we get to choose what version of SUSE to base your OS on, what architecture to base it on (32/64-bit) and you get to name it.

If you don’t want a GNOME or KDE desktop choose the “Just enough OS” option from the version of SUSE you’d like to base your OS on. You can only choose one type of architecture so make sure its the correct type for the machine you plan on installing your OS. The name can be changed later so if you can’t come up with anything just yet then don’t worry. Click on “Create Appliance” and you will be taken to the next page.

Click on the “Software” tab and begin to select the programs you want installing on your OS, you can either search by name or select from some pre-selected “Patterns” which include sets of packages to install.


Next on to the configuration tab, from here you can change many default settings from the locale/network to what logo/wallpaper to use as well as user creation, auto start applications and any scripts you would like to run during install.


Next on to the files tab, files added here will be copied into the appliance after packages are installed. Adding files is optional. The “Build” tab is pretty self explanatory, it is where you build your downloadable image of your OS when you you are ready, you can go back and make changes afterwards if you forget something or aren’t happy with something you installed but you will have to rebuild your OS ! The last tab is about sharing your OS in the SUSE studio gallery, this is optional but i don’t see why anybody wouldn’t want to share their creation 😀

You will be notified when your OS has finished being created and you will be able to download it so you can install your OS in all of the normal ways.


Their is a test-drive option which lets you run your created OS in your browser in a virtual session if you’d like to try it before downloading. Install the OS in the normal manner and you should boot into your own OS, have fun exploring and seeing what improvements you can make before going back to the SUSE Studio site and updating your OS for your 2nd build and beyond. Enjoy !

You can download my creation, Simple-SUSE, at this link :

Let me know what you think !


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