Royal Lite 32-Bit 4.4 Install Guide

This guide will explain how to install Royal Lite 32-bit 4.4, an Ubuntu based distribution with all the clutter of Unity removed and replaced with the Cinnamon desktop environment.

You can get Royal Lite 32-bit 4.4 from the sourceforge page, as well as the other versions which are available. Once you have the ISO burn it to a disk using a program such as brasero/xfburn or flash it to a USB stick using unetbootin/dd command.

Credits go to Kyle Adams for the pictures.

Once you have booted into the installation media you will be logged into the Royal desktop, to install click the Menu button in top left corner then go Administration > Systemback you will be asked for a password, type “royal” without the qoutes into the password box.

After this you will be asked for the user info for the new installed system, enter what you like here :


Now you will choose where to install the new system, you can set the mountpoint and the filesystem type from drop-down menus, make sure the box for formatting is ticked and that the GRUB option is set to AUTO, then apply the pending operations before clicking the next button :

Click “Start” on the next screen and it will begin the installation process, when it is finished reboot your system, making sure to remove the installation media :

Once rebooted, log in with the user details you created and enjoy your Royal experience 🙂

EDIT : Here are a few links to Royal Linux related sites.

Facebook Group

Sourceforge Page

Releases and Info

Google Plus Page 1

Google Plus Page 2




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