UCR – Ubuntu Customisation Remix

Ubuntu Customisation Remix is a project i have started recently with the aim to provide a base that can be used for creating your own Ubuntu based remix using tools such as Remastersys/Relinux/Customizer/Ubuntu Customization Kit/Ubuntu Builder.

It will come in 2 different versions, one which is to be installed and then configured by you before using programs such as Remastersys/Relinux to create an ISO from your install and one version which is to be run through programs such as Customizer/Ubuntu Customization Kit/Ubuntu Builder to customise and configure the ISO to your needs.

You can get your hands on the remix here :

Ubuntu Customisation Remix Sourceforge Page

Navigate to the “Files” tab to choose which ISO to download. I have made a Github page with some of the tools you can use to customise/create your own Ubuntu based remix :

Ubuntu Customisation Remix Tools Github Page

Here are the Official Pages for the tools mentioned above :




Ubuntu Builder

Ubuntu Customization Kit

For any help with installing the tools please refer to the official support provided in the links above.


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