How to install Coder for the Raspberry Pi

Coder is a Raspbian based OS for the Raspberry Pi aimed at teaching coding. For a full overview head over to there website using this link here, This guide will explain how to install/setup coder on your SD card and how to access/use it.

You will need a 4GB or greater SD card and the file from here. Once you have the file extract the contents, when this is done you will need to flash the “raspi.img” file to your SD card using either a program such as Image Writer or by using the dd command like such :

$ sudo dd bs=4M if=/path/to/image/file of=/dev/sdX && sync

Where X is the letter of the SD card drive, so mine looked like this :

$ sudo dd bs=4M if=/home/mic/Downloads/coder_v0.6/coder_v0.6/raspi.img of=/dev/sdc && sync

When this is complete we will need to run the first initial setup of Coder on the Pi, once this is done the Pi only needs to be turned on while you access from another PC’s browser on your home network. When the SD card boots up login with these details :

Username = pi

Password = raspberry

Then you need to run this command to bring up raspi-config so we can make full use of SD card and set hostname/overclock settings etc :

$ sudo raspi-config

Any password set here will be changed in one of the following steps, when you have finished with raspi-config let your Pi reboot and then using Chrome/Chromium on another PC on your home network go to this address :


You will see a warning about Coder’s certificate. Unlike a public server, Coder lives on your local network with a private URL, so it cannot be verified by your browser. Click “proceed anyway”. The first time it will get you to choose a password, but it imposes its own security rules so “raspberry” won’t work, if you choose a different password to what you chose when running raspi-config then it will be changed to this password you create here. After this you will be asked to login, then you are ready to begin exploring, learning and coding !

Coder for Raspberry Pi.


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