Exton|OS Light Live CD 64 bit with Openbox 3.5.2 :: build 140524

Originally posted on Exton's International Blog:
NEWS 140524 about Exton|OS Light Live CD – ISO file of 625 MB I’ve made a new extra version of Exton|OS with only a minimum of packages pre-installed. Among them a terminal emulator (LXTerminal), a Web Browser (Chromium), PCManFM (file manager), NetworkManager and Synaptic (Package Manager). I give…

Raspberry Pi – How To Install Mashup Add-On – Raspbmc

Mashup is a third-party XBMC add-on, it is amazingly popular and until recently required a lot of google searching/attempts to get it installed (at least for me). Mashup should be installable on anything you have XBMC on so not just your Pi but any Linux/Mac/Windows OS that has XBMC installed on it and the process … More Raspberry Pi – How To Install Mashup Add-On – Raspbmc