PwnPi Install Guide – Raspberry Pi Penetration Testing Distribution

PwnPi is a penetration testing distribution for the Raspberry Pi, this guide will explain how to install it for your Raspberry Pi. The best way to describe it can be found on the PwnPi website :

PwnPi is a Linux-based penetration testing dropbox distribution for the Raspberry Pi. It currently has 200+ network security tools pre-installed to aid the penetration tester. It is built a stripped down version of the Debian Wheezy image from the Raspberry Pi foundation’s website and uses Openbox as the window manager. PwnPi can be easily setup to send reverse connections from inside a target network by editing a simple configuration file.”

If you want any more info head over to these 3 sites :

PwnPi on Sourceforge

You will need a 4 GB SD card to flash the image to. You can use a program like “Ubuntu startup disk creator” or you can use dd or dcfldd, check this post for a little more info on dcfldd.

We will use the dd method for our example but if you want to use dcfldd just swap out dd for dcfldd in the following command :

$ sudo dd bs=1M if=/PATH/TO/FILE of=/dev/sdX && sync

Replace “/PATH/TO/FILE” and “/dev/sdX” with the relevant information, if you don’t know where your SD card is mounted run lsblk to find out, for me the command looked like this :

$ sudo dd bs=1M if=/home/mic/Downloads/pwnpi-3.0.img of=/dev/sdc && sync

When the command is finished safely remove your SD card and insert it into your Raspberry Pi, plug in the power and let it boot up. PwnPi should be ready to use, enjoy pen-testing !


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