Raspberry Pi – How To Install Maynard Desktop

This guide will explain how to install the new Maynard Desktop Environment which is being developed for the Raspberry Pi.

You will need a basic Raspbian install which boots to the command line to begin with.

Update and upgrade your install then reboot :

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get upgrade

$ sudo reboot -h

Then enter these 2 commands to download/install the Maynard desktop :

wget http://raspberrypi.collabora.co.uk/setup-maynard.sh

bash ./setup-maynard.sh

Once it is installed run the Maynard desktop by typing this :

$ maynard

You should see something like this :


Remember that Maynard is still in development so things will be buggy and probably wont work in some cases ! Enjoy testing and exploring the future desktop of the Raspberry Pi !



3 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi – How To Install Maynard Desktop

    1. Have you tried redownloading the script ? Could be corrupted,also the script shouldnt be compressed ! if you just click the link you will be able to copy/paste it to your own script and then transfer the file over to the pi on usb and run the new setup file/script


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