Raspberry Pi – openSUSE install guide

This guide will explain how to install openSUSE with the ICE window manager on your Raspberry Pi. This is a very minimal distribution but there are over 5200 successfully built packages available for the ARM port of openSUSE so it will be easy enough to add another window manager or desktop environment as well as any programs you need.

The .zip file is available from here, once downloaded unzip the file and then flash the image to an SD card using either “Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator” or the dd command :

$ sudo dd bs=1M if=/PATH/TO/FILE of=/dev/sdX && sync

Replace all relevant information, so for me the command looked like this :

$ sudo dd bs=1M if=/home/mic/Downloads/raspberrypi-opensuse-20130911x.img of=/dev/sdc && sync

Once the dd command is finished safely remove the SD card and then place it in your Pi and plug in the power to boot it up. You will be met by a login screen, the default details are :

Username = root

Password = linux

You should then be met by a screen similar to this :


The openSUSE pi image comes with ICEWM which is a very minimal window manager and may not be suited to everyone, however it is easily changed by installing another DE/WM, google can help with this.

To install things in openSUSE open a terminal and enter a command similar to this :

# zypper install PACKAGE NAME

Replace “PACKAGE NAME” with the name of the desired package, so to install mate-screenshot the screenshot app type this :

# zypper install mate-screenshot

If you want to use this regularly you should probably create a new user and add them to the sudoers group/edit the sudoers file, a quick Google search will help with that. Enjoy openSUSE on the Raspberry Pi !

openSUSE Lizards.


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