Raspberry Pi – piCore 5.2 install guide

This guide will explain how to install piCore 5.2 on your Raspberry Pi, it can be downloaded from softpedia. The image is amazingly tiny, only using 34 MB of space when flashed to a card so it is possible to use 512 MB or maybe even smaller cards, i will use a 2 GB SD card and expand the size of a partition to fill the rest of the card.

To flash the image to the SD card we will use the dd command :

$ sudo dd bs=1M if=/PATH/TO/FILE of=/dev/sdX && sync

Replace the relevant information, so for example :

$ sudo dd bs=1M if=/home/mic/Downloads/piCore-5.2.1-X/piCore-5.2.1-X.img of=/dev/sdc && sync

Once this is done we will resize the root partition with Gparted, once Gparted is open select the SD card from the drive list in the top right corner. Unmount the partition by right-clicking > unmount, now right-click > resize/move and drag the edge of the partition to the end of the empty space, then click the resize/move button and finally confirm the changes in Gparted like so :

Once this is done close Gparted and safely remove the SD card from your PC before inserting into the Pi and powering it up. You should be greeted by something like this :


At a first glance piCore is amazingly quick, with no bloat installed, just the way i like an OS, free for me to customise !


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