Raspberry Pi – How to install pipaOS

This guide will explain how to install pipaOS for your Raspberry Pi. You can check out the pipaOS homepage for more info but one of the cool features is it fits onto a 512 MB or 1 GB card !

You can get the 512 MB version from here and the 1 GB version from here. Once downloaded extract the image from the file using a program like Ark. Now we have to flash the SD card, which needs to be formatted as fat32, you can use either “Startup Disk Creator” or something similar, or my preferred way of using the dd  command :

$ sudo dd bs=1M if=/PATH/TO/FILE of=/dev/sdX && sync

With the relevant information changed it should look something similar to this :

$ sudo dd bs=1M if=/home/mic/Downloads/pipaos-2.5-small1gb.img of=/dev/sdc && sync

Once the dd command has finished, safely remove the SD card from your PC, insert into the Pi and power it up. You should be greeted by a command line login, you can use these details :

Username = sysop

Password = posys

From here you can customise pipaOS to your needs, but bear in mind that if you want a GUI a larger SD card may be needed (4 GB is recommended). You could stay with the minimal theme and try installing a Command Line Browser or even using it as a base to make a File Server.

pipaOS – Homepage.


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