Raspberry Pi – How to install SliTaz

This guide will explain how to install SliTaz on your Raspberry Pi. SliTaz is a very minimal operating system designed to run on low-spec hardware, to find out more check out the SliTaz homepage.

You can download SliTaz for the Raspberry Pi from here, it is available in 2 versions, base and desktop, we will choose desktop so we get a GUI when finished instead of command line. You will need a blank SD card which we will format into 3 partitions before we begin.

Open up Gparted and navigate to your SD card using the drop down menu in the top right, delete whatever partitions are on the card so it is blank (unallocated). First we need to make a 40 MB boot partition formatted to fat 32, then a 420 MB swap partition and finally a root partition to fill the rest of the space formatted to ext 4. Apply the changes to the SD card using the little green tick near the top.

Now we need to extract our downloaded files contents using a program such as Ark, after this we need to open a terminal and navigate to the folder we just extracted, like so :

$ cd /home/mic/Downloads/slitaz-rpi-desktop-20140329

Now we just need to run the install script :

$ sudo ./install.sh

You will be asked for the SD card name on your system, mine was sdc so i typed that then pressed enter :

Now safely remove your SD card from your PC and insert it into your Pi and power it up, you will run through some initial configuration options on your first boot. These are keyboard layout and set root password. After this your Pi will bring you to a login screen, login with root as username and whatever password you set in the previous step. You should be greeted by a screen similar to this one :


SliTaz is now installed to your system, now explore and enjoy your SliTaz experience !


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