Installing XFCE Desktop in ArchLinux for OLinuXino

Another post not based on the Pi, but yet again is a good guide to installing XFCE on Arch Linux and it will work on the Pi !

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ArchLinux being a rolling distribution of Linux which comes with no graphical interface, is handy to provide a GUI for ease at work. For this purpose there are several options to take such as LMDE,XFCE,Enlightment,Openbox etc.. Out of the options we chose XFCE which comes with all the necessary plugins preinstalled, such as CPU meter, Network usage meter etc.

This post will provide information on how we have installed XFCE Desktop in our ArchLinux distribution which was running on our Desktop and OlinuXino-A13 processor board.

Arch with XFCE

OLINUXINO A13 Embedded Development Board OLINUXINO A13 Embedded Development Board

Open a terminal and type.

Be sure to run pacman -Syy to update your package information and then type

pacman -S xfce4 xfce-goodies               // to install xfce desktop and default applications

Users can install gdm, lightdm, slim etc. as the window manager, out of which slim seems to work out of the box…

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