Classic BBC Micro games in Ubuntu

A great article about emulating BBC Micro games in Ubuntu


Sometimes you come across something that just makes you say wow – do a double-take and say wow again!

This was my immediate reaction when I found out about jsbeeb

Retro game and computer emulators are not new things – but this for me is special and personal.



My first computer was a Acorn BBC Micro – 1983 was the year – spotty teenager with the newest and arguably hottest personal computer here in the UK. In fact – back then, the UK was the main country with the latest and fastest growing cutting edge personal computers – the first PC’s – Spectrum’s, Dragon, ZX80/81, Amstrad etc.

The BBC wanted to launch a TV series about computers – they wanted a computer to show how to use computers – and they chose a little known company called Acorn to produce the proton – soon to be renamed to the…

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