Odroid U3 – Arch Linux LXDE + MALI – NEW RELEASE !

Here is something i have been working on recently (NOTE – the files are still uploading !) :


There are 2 rootfs.tar.gz’s available, both of them have a modified odroid-libgl so it doesnt conflict with mesa-libgl and both of them have the same features however there are some differences :


One of the rootfs.tar.gz has mesa-libgl installed side-by-side with odroid-libgl and the other has mesa-noegl/mesa-libgl-noegl (https://github.com/hreikin/odroid-arch-packages) installed side-by-side with odroid-libgl, they both dont perform well when you run “sudo glmark2-es2” getting scores of only 36/37 however i am working on improving this and testing out a few different things to see if i can get better performance when running glmark2-es2 (my previous image got 65-70).

That being said you will be able to play 1080p video using ffmpeg which i compiled from this guide : http://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?t=669

When i can get a better FPS i will try getting XBMC to work and make another release, any help/advice would be great !

Im going to leave the link for the old image available at the bottom in-case anyone wants to try work from there ? xorg related PKGBUILDS will need conflicts with new packages resolving/updating with the ones from my github repo – https://github.com/hreikin/odroid-arch-packages

Arch linux with LXDE, SLiM, Mali 400 – r4p0 drivers, xf86-video-armsoc-dsd, mesa-libgl-noegl, mesa-noegl and glmark2-es2. To run the test type “sudo glmark2-es2” –https://sourceforge.net/projects/pibox/files/Odroid-U3/ARCH/


3 thoughts on “Odroid U3 – Arch Linux LXDE + MALI – NEW RELEASE !

    1. I have no idea unfortunately as i dont use my odroid much these days, i may get to it in the future and make a new image but im promising nothing ! As for your problem, you could make a copy of the SD card or EMMC module you are using and then try replacing xf86-video-modesetting and see if it breaks the system, if it does flash your SD/EMMC with the backup you made and go to uncle google for help 😀 Sorry i cant be much help right now but i hope to be back in the near future !


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