Generosity of others !

Just over a month ago i was contacted using the form available on my blog (Contact) by someone called Johnn van Bergem requesting some help with one of my images i had provided on my blog. We messaged each other for a while trying to fix the problem and managed to get some kind of success !

Usually the norm then is a few thankyous/goodbyes and off with our lives we continue, however Johnn did something amazingly generous, he offered to post me a Beagleboard XM he had bought but no longer required ! I’d like to take this chance to thank Johnn once again for his gift, i still can’t believe how kind you have been.

If anybody else requires additional help with any guides/images then use the contact form linked above or comment on the post and i will be glad to help all i can.

Thanks again Johnn, you are too kind 🙂 i will be making a few posts about the Beagleboad XM soon as well for anybody who is interested.


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