Torque 3D – Open Source Game Engine

Torque 3D is an open source game engine available from GarageGames that i have been playing with a lot recently. It gives anybody the tools they need to be able to create their own game for free !

It is only available for windows at the moment (sad i know, i re-installed windows for the first time in 8 years to play with this cos i couldn’t get it to work on linux) but linux and mac support is in the pipeline according to the Torque3D Roadmap. You can find the linux thread in the GarageGames forum. It is close but i can’t get it working at the moment, could easily be “PEBKAC” tho !

If you want to play with Torque 3D then you have a few options available to you, first check the 3.6.1 Release Post for some important info and then you can grab Torque 3D in a couple of different ways

  1. From the GarageGames Website
  2. From Github, either by cloning the repo or by downloading the provided zip file
  3. You can get the project manager from the Project Manager Github page or by downloading the provided zip file

Once you have extracted the files to where you would like them follow the detailed instructions available at these pages to help you start developing your first game:

  1. Torque 3D Wiki
  2. Torque 3D Official Documentation
  3. Torque 3D Guides on GarageGames
  4. GarageGames Getting Started page
  5. FPS Tutorial on GarageGames
  6. Torque 3D Scene Creation Tutorial Videos ** These are really good !**
  7. Torque3D Official Forums
  8. Community Forum

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