FreeRPG – Free/Open-Source RPG

Hi all,

Ive been using T3D for a while now and have finally settled on a project idea so figured i would make a FreeRPG project thread to help track its progress and see what peoples thoughts are. I am still in the world creation/population stage but thanks to GG / / @Ron Kapaun / @Duion this has been made an awful lot quicker.

My idea is to make a completely free/open source RPG, from assets to engine, i understand this is a pretty mammoth task but its something i would like to achieve. I dont plan any MMO aspects initially but if the project gains any actual traction i would probably consider something.

I have been having some trouble getting my project uploaded to github, im not sure if the repo is too large (4/5GB i think) for one push or if a file is causing an issue being too big, i have tried setting my postbuffer to 500M but it didnt help, i have tried a few things as suggested in this thread amongst others but nothing is really helping, i can provide verbose output but i would need to run it again and it takes 3 hours to fail :D

Below are a few screenshots of some of the work i have done so far, be warned it is very WIP and the level design has only been edited very slightly by myself on these levels so far, id show more but there really isnt that much to show right now. I would appreciate any comments/ideas/help thanks !

island01 riverside03 riverside02 riverside01 island06 island05 island04 island03 island02


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