How to install arkOS on the Raspberry Pi

This guide will explain how to install arkOS on the Raspberry Pi. You can grab the arkOS download from here.

For this guide i used an Ubuntu host sytem (12.04 – 64-bit), if you are using something different please refer to the official arkOS install guide.

Once you have downloaded the .deb file, right click on it and open it with the Ubuntu Software Centre, then click on install, when it has finished search for it in the Unity Dash, enter your root password when prompted. You should be greeted by this screen :


Click install and work your way through the screens to choose the download mirror and install location :

When you click install after reviewing the download/install details you should see these few screens before installation is finished :

Safely remove the SD card and then insert card into your Pi and plug it in, let it boot up and once you are greeted by the login screen go to your host pc and go to this address :


if that doesn’t work replace arkos with the ip address of your Pi. You will be greeted by the genesis login screen, login with the details user = admin password = admin

after you have logged in you will be greeted by this screen :


Run through the install wizard to setup your arkos node, you should see these screens which let you change the admin/root passwords and set the timezone/install plugins :

When you have finished configuring your arkos node make sure to restart it from within genesis like so :


Your Pi is now set up as an arkOS node, for more information check out the arkOS wiki.


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