DOOM on Arch Linux

If you like games and you like nostalgia then installing DOOM on Arch is a must ! Here i will outline how to install it on any Arch install (PC/Laptop or Pi). Chocolate DOOM is a shareware port for running DOOM .wad files

First open up your favourite terminal and type in :

$ sudo pacman -Sy chocolate-doom

Next we are going to get a shareware .wad DOOM game file for playing the demo (you can also use your full game .wad files if you own the game) :

$ cd /usr/share/doom
$ sudo wget

If you don’t already have zip/unzip utilities installed then install them with :

$ sudo pacman -S zip unzip

Next unzip the .wad file we just downloaded :

$ sudo unzip

And now for the fun bit, running DOOM :

$ chocolate-doom -iwad /usr/share/doom/DOOM1.WAD -window

If you want it to run full screen then remove the “-window” but it may run slower on a Raspberry Pi, it should be fine on a PC/Laptop. You might want to make a note of that command as that is how you will be starting DOOM. If you run into any problems then head over to the Chocolate DOOM wiki for some help/advice.



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